Alternative Model Of The Year

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Laura-Logo Kelsea Mafanwy Leigh Hutchinson Jun Khanbekian

The Alternative Modelling Contest / Alternative Model Of  The Year  is an annual contest for aspiring Alternative Models and brings together the Alternative community from across the U.K for a series of phases; including a photographic session and catwalk.


Maybe you just want to challenge yourself a little? Or maybe you want to break the modelling scene, well this contest is open for you too just as much as it’s open to any professionals out there.


This is a fresh and laid back approach to modelling competitions with a unique style and new methods of judging with an edgy attitude to match.

The Pledge:

13-16 Winner: Laura Taylor

17-20 Winner: Kelsea

21-25 Winner: Myfanwy

26-29 Winner: Leigh Hutchinson

Male Winner: Jun Khanbekian

Urban Halo Andrea Grogan

30+ Winner: Andrea Grogan

2014 Winner: Melissa Hibbert

"Unlike mainstream modelling contests, we offer a straight to audition policy for all who apply - no matter what shape, size, image or style, you will be given a fair audition in a professional modelling environment / studio.  We do not run a voting or rating system for contestants, you will be judged at the casting dates in front of professionals. You will not be asked for any large or excessive sponsorship fee's to support your application. This contest is all about celebrating all things unique and quirky!"

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